Our Mission and Objectives

The USA Bangladesh Cultural Center (USABCC) will provides permanent cultural representation to the more than 150,000 Bangla-speaking residents in the United States. In addition to supporting cultural awareness and understanding of Bangladeshi-American emerging artists, Bangla history and culture, the USA Bangladeshi Cultural Center (USABCC) aims to promote cultural exchange and cultural diversity among all over the United states cultural communities through shared experiences and mutual values. The USA Bangladesh Cultural Center (USABCC) is a place where Bangladeshi-American immigrants may become culturally integrated into mainstream of America, and where the American public may become more culturally aware and educated about Bangladeshi culture, history and art.

Anybody with appreciation for art and culture is welcome to be a member of this organization

# Artist Career Development Program: Helping emerging and mid-career artists gain exposure on the NY art scene.

# International Young Artists Registry: An online database of international artists accompanied by an exhibition series and an annual collaborative project with NY's immigrant communities.

# Community Performing Series: Emphasizes community spirit and integration through multidisciplinary performances.

# Literary Program: Gives the chance to meet with upcoming and established Bangladeshi American writers.

# International Exchange Programs: Series of international exchange programs between Bangladeshi immigrant artists in the USA and Canada.

# Children's Educational Program: Bi-lingual art, music, dance, chess, creative-play classes.

# Educational Program and Services for English speakers: Introduction to Bangladeshi art/culture/history, Parents & Children Bangla language classes, assistance with travel logistics.

# Archival Preservation Project: The collection of documents and artworks brought to the US by the different waves of Bangladesh immigration .

# Salon Events Program: A multidisciplinary event series for USABCC's members including performing arts, literary readings, film screenings and debates.

# Club Events: Bangla language club, gallery-hopping club, theatrical society.

# Film Series: Bangla films or Bangla-themed films incorporated into a bi-annual six-month series.